Nicolas Bourbaki – Algebra/Topology (FUR02)+FREE VST-PlugIns

10th March 2009

Nicolas Bourbaki – Algebra / Topology

(click for full size)

Download printable Cover

(mastered at Transition Studios)

Nicolas Bourbaki – Algebra

One bar halfstep plus one bar breakbeat equals breakstep. These are the basic mathematics of “Algebra”, a deep track that oscillates between atmospheric scifi pads and dark basses.

Nicolas Bourbaki – Topology

“Topology” is on a rougher side of things – hardcore breakstep with mad beats. Together with the aggressive bassline an unresistable groove is created, before the track turns to halftime beats and abstract soundscapes.

Support: I.D., Blackmass Plastics, DVNT, Sharps, Ratling, Stereorauschen

Jean Reiki (Breakinasia): “If you ever find yourself trapped in a sinking submarine, this is über music to fathom the ocean. ” READ REVIEW

Free VST Plug-Ins
More mathematics: As a special with this Furioso release you can download two VST plug-ins that use simple algorithms, but with massive effect. Be careful, because these plug-ins make some serious noise! (for Windows)



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