Sharps writes hi-tech bass music for large systems, driven by the global need for mad tunes and the excitement and energy that comes when people gather to wash their souls in bass. Not content to stick to one genre, his productions are diverse withing the realm of dance beats, and always strive for the most vivid, rich and mind expanding sound possible. Sharps draws his influences from many facets, including dubstep, miami bass, glitch, acid house, breakbeat and random dance music. Having first truly broken onto the international scene in late 2007 with his successful track “Night Work”, Sharps’ tunes have been smashing dance floors, receiving top rotation from DJ’s worldwide including Mat the Alien, Drop the Lime, Ill Gates, Robb G and the Heatwave.
As a DJ and performer, Sharps is known for his heavy sets. While he is no trick DJ, his sets are solid, moving the crowd hard and with authority. Sharps looks forward to performing Burningman 2009.
Sharps is the co-founder and manager of the label Saedos Records.


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