T.R.O. – Try (Original & Sharps Remix) (FUR03) + Free Game

9th June 2009

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T.R.O. – Try (Original)

This tune has all you need for complete rinse out: A catchy piano hookline, cheerful vocals, speed garage bassline action and a donk on it! Big party music with a little wink. So form your hand like a gun and say: Brap!

T.R.O. – Try (Sharps Remix)

Remix comes from Canadian producer Sharps (Saedos Records), who brought you massive tunes like “Night Work” and “Turbo”. He turns the original into a grimey wobble monster with classy synths and ever-changing beats.


This release’s special is a little shooter game. You have to fire at the speakers to make them burst with a bass sound. Download it here for free:

DOWNLOAD (window screen)
DOWNLOAD (full screen)

(for Windows)


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