Full Spektrum

South London based producer Full Spektrum began making music in 2003.
Having grown up with early jungle and hardcore, he moved into production as the equipment became more affordable and began learning production techniques making D&B alongside experimentation with other music styles.
Dubstep music provided him with the mixture of deep, dark vibes he loved from the early jungle days alongside a very broad experimental element to the music.
His sound, has since developed into a more individual style, fusing old skool breakbeats and funk loops, with deep, atmospheric soundscapes. A sound which is intricate and detailed to the listener at home but has the power and drive to destroy dancefloors across the country.
Full Spektrum’s beats have found their way into the hands of many DJ’s and producers including; Elemental, Noiz, Blackmass Plastics, Rob Booth, Urban Graffiti, Phaeleh and Threnody all of which continue to support his original sound.
2010 looks to be an even bigger year for this unique producer. With tunes current circulating on labels such as Urban Scrumping, Bankai, Mata-Syn and Uk Trends, with string of forthcoming tracks and high profile remixes planned for later this year. Full Spektrum is an artist to keep your eyes on.



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