Nicolas Bourbaki – Recalculated EP (FUR06) + iKlax Files


Nicolas Bourbaki – Recalculated EP

(click for full size)
Download printable cover
mastered by Shane “the Cutter” @ Finyltweek
Algebra (Blackmass Plastics Remix)

Blackmass Plastics, famous for his hard-edged breakstep sound with releases on Rag & Bone, Combat, and Digital Distortions to name a few, takes the elements of ‘Algebra’ and turns it into a nasty bouncing breaks remix.

Topology (Full Spektrum Remix)

Full Spektrum got steadily growing attention through the last year with his numerous releases on Urban Scrumping, Mata-Syn, UK Trends, and J-Tek Records. His remix of ‘Topology’ combines oldschool vibes with modern dubstep beats, switching to 4/4 and heavy breaks.

I.D.: The Blackmass Plastics remix sounds pretty heavy, loads of impact.
DJ Ratling: Big fan of Blackmass Plastics’ stuff anyhow, this another big tune from him. Like the Full Spektrum track as well. Another solid release from Furioso.
Dr. Schmidt: Blackmass Plastics remix is classy.
DVNT: Suffice to say full support for this from me. Defo dropping one or both on the radio.
DJ Phoneme: The Full Spektrum remix is very good, tight production, innovative sounds. Unfortunately not too dancefloor oriented. The Blackmass remix is great. The drop is brilliant, the tune is full of energy and moves minds and bodies.
DJ M2J: Many thanks for these, big up.

Special: Interactive iKlax files
Download three tracks by Nicolas Bourbaki as multi-track files to play around with:
Set Theory
In order to play these files you need the free iKlax player. Download it HERE (WIN/MAC).


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